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There are 100's of electric bike companies offering a wide range of models. Alot of companies build their bikes for Design or Style to attract buyers with lower power levels between 250w to 750w but at a price point that competes with our 2000w+ lineup.  These companies will be very creative in their designs but at a premium cost for the "aesthetics" of the bike to the end user with minimal power output and limited future battery replacement options as battery technology advances.  At Top Gun Bikes we offer E-bikes built on proven high performance, durability along with retaining resale value and getting you the best bike for the best price.

We offer our own line of e-bikes including: full suspension bikes, hard tail bikes, fat bikes, trikes, 3 wheel tricycles, folding bikes, off road high torque bikes and custom one of a kind bikes. Our line of bikes uses HPC's motors, batteries, controllers, frame bags and accessories which comes with a full 3 year warranty.  We offer 250w - 12,000w models reaching speeds in excess of 60 mph and climbing hill inclines at 60+ degrees without pedaling

We also offer Hi Power Cycles complete line of E-bikes at a 3% - 8% lower price than HPC offers directly.  With a few extras thrown in.

If your looking for a well built standard power range e-bike we offer ,Ejoe ,Platinum E-bikes , Ecoreco,  and Genze Technologies full line of bikes with 250w - 500w power output.  In our opinion these e-bikes are the best quality  e-bikes at the $999 - $2199 price point in the market. . All our E-bikes also come with a full 1-2 year warranty. You can save 2.5% - 5% over MSRP by purchasing through us using one of our promo codes.

Top Gun Bikes continuously adds new e-bikes and accessories to our line up. So check back with us often and be sure to sign up for our Online newsletter at the bottom of the home page. Just input your email address. That's it..

We always try to carry in stock a number of models for customers to see and test ride but we mainly specialize in custom designing and building a bike to your specifications.

To help you build a custom model please click on "The Right Bike" link.

For your convenience, you can purchase all of our models directly thru the website shopping cart or you may purchase any model over the phone.  If you have something in mind that you would like to have but don't see it on our website give us a call. We can build it for you.

Our company is based out of Reno, Nevada. but our Mobile Retail Business Travels extensively to show, demonstrate and sell our complete line E-Bikes.   Our  Business hours are:

Monday - Thursday  10:00am - 7:00pm

Fridays and Saturdays by appointment only

Closed Sundays

We are available by phone 6 days a week from 10:00am - 7:00pm Pacific standard Time. Off Sundays

If you are a new customer and have questions about a particular bike or product you have seen on our website or videos give us a call at 775-301-5249 and LEAVE A DETAILED MESSAGE along with your contact phone number. Your message will be sent to all company employee cell phones by text alert and someone will call you back usually within minutes.

If your an existing customer and have questions or in need of support please call us at 775-301-5249and LEAVE A MESSAGE. One of our support members will be alerted by text and someone will call you back usually within minutes.

Thank you, Top Gun Bikes