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Top Gun Bikes is a custom builder and direct retailer of electric bikes and kits starting at 250w and up to 12,000w Systems. Our lineup includes all Electric Bikes and Electric Bicycles :  Full Suspension Mountain Bikes, Hard Tail Mountain Bikes , Fat Bikes , Tricycles , Trikes , Recumbents , Cruisers , Comfort Bikes , Folding Bikes , Dirt Bikes , Custom Enclosed Framed Bikes , Road bikes , Cargo Bikes , Long Distance Travel Bikes , one of kind bikes and anything else we can think of. We have partnered with Hi Power Cycles who is the leader of the industry in higher wattage systems starting at 2000w and up. And we offer there complete lineup of Bikes, Kits and Accessories thru our website at a discounted best price. We have also partnered with Platinum Ebikes for their high quality folding Mid Drive Ebikes, Ecoreco Scooters for there always innovative and high quality stand up folding scooters, Emazing bikes for their competitively priced but good quality entry level lineup of pedal assist Ebikes and we offer the Gigabyte Sitdown 2 passenger Scooter with an upgraded version built by Top Gun Bikes.


Our custom build bikes use only the best and most powerful HPC Motors, USA Made Batteries(highest quality cells tested here in USA), Controllers, Components and accessories to give full power and performance along with safety and longevity. These Electric bikes are some of the fastest electric bicycles in production today with models reaching top speeds of 36 – 65+mph and traveling distances of up to 150 miles range on a single charge. We also want to stress the importance of the highest quality parts we use in frames, braking systems, shifter and derailleur systems, crank sets and all other mechanical components on each bike to offer performance and durability. That is why on our bikes and kits we offer a full 3 year warranty on all the electric bikes and kits we sell (please read the Terms of Use section for warranty details) If we don’t have what your looking for in stock we can build you your own custom build to your specifications.(Building times May Vary from Bike to Bike)


Our goal is to offer the Customer other options in the performance Ebike industry while holding to a higher standard of build and performance. Most Electric bike companies are racing to the bottom with under powered cheap overseas bikes and parts trying to earn your business thru the cheaper price tag. Almost all electric bikes on the market today only offer 250w – 1000w systems with top speeds of only 17mph-25mph and true ranges of only 10-25 miles tops. Most Ebike companies boast 40 – 50 – 60 miles or more in range which in truth are a fraction of those distances. Our top speeds and battery ranges have been tested and proven on video.  You Also do not want to purchase a lower powered ebike with a top speed that matches the avg. speed you wish to travel. Which will eventually breakdown the electrical system with heat and/or design failure. (Just like your car you would not drive it in the redline rpm range.) An Ebike has to pull its own weight, pull the weight of a rider, battle wind resistance, battle the road itself (smooth or rough conditions) and to top it off battle uphill against gravity. Remember a 500w motor system is only 2/3 of 1 horsepower. These bikes just can’t hold up over the long hall with those conditions. The Solution is you need more power. In most cases you need 4 to 10 times more power to actually ride safer in traffic, get to where you want to go and to not stress your bike in getting there which will make it last for many years to come.


I hear this quite a bit from new Ebike buyers. “what is the law for riding a higher powered Ebike over 750w” well here is a link you can click for each state https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_bicycle_laws 19 States have no laws what’s so ever or no speed limits.  The rest make up their own requirements from 20-35mph with most state laws are still based on a gas engine “motorbike”. The Truth is Governments can only go so far when regulating a transportation device that can be powered by a motor and human power. When riding the bike how does someone know if the speed traveled is from the rider or motor at that moment. They cant. If you ride the bike RESPONSIBLY and with the flow of traffic and you don’t impede,  bother or endanger someone else with your bike then law enforcement does not care regardless if your bike is “Legal” or not at that particular location or at that particular speed. Use COMMON SENSE and you will never have any problems. (Except in Manhattan, NY). The Federal guideline on electric bike imports from china (AND 99.9% OF ALL EBIKES THAT ARE 250W – 1000W ARE MADE IN CHINA AND SHIPPED HERE TO USA) have a limit of 750w to stay under the consumer protection act laws. If you import higher powered electric bikes more than 750w than the bikes have to meet the DOT – Department of Transportation rules and requirements for a road vehicle (AKA Motorcycle). Top Gun Bikes is a custom builder not a production line manufacturer and importer. So we only produce a few hundred bikes a year and with ebikes not required to have a license, registration or insurance (unlike a DOT vehicle) are considered a bicycle.


Times have changed when it comes to retail. We don’t have a retail shop. We don’t need one with the internet. Other than live events or shows, 98% of our new business comes from online sales worldwide (excluding referrals) thru our website/youtube channel/social media.  . We have shipped bikes to over 30 states and 20+ countries so far. We are retail based out of Reno Nevada but we also have a warehouse based about 40 miles south of Sacramento in the Beautiful Gold Country Area.  We have no official store hours but a customer can call and make an appointment and come visit our shop and see all our models in stock and test ride if they want (fee may apply for test rides that goes toward a purchase). Visits can be scheduled 7 days a week with schedule permitting.

If you have any questions or would like us to build you a bike or purchase one of our models, give us a call at

1-775-301-5249 or 1-209-372-5203 .please leave a detailed message with your name, phone number and what your looking for and a representative will call you back usually within minutes. Messages get sent by text alerting staff of your call.

Thank you for stopping by, Top Gun Bikes