“Black Mamba 27.5”
2000w - 4000w
27.5" Rim Model


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The Black Mamba 27.5 is the first 27.5″ Electric Mountain Bike at 2000w+ offered anywhere. The 27.5″ larger wheel diameter has a faster mid range and top end speed over the 26″ rim bikes and has better braking and cornering due to more tire patch sizing connected with the ground while riding. This bike also features upgraded components such as” Luxe Giant Seat , Richey Adjustable Handlebar stem, wider metal alloy pedals, ruffio hand grips, cycle analyst computer, 13 Ah Elite 52V battery.

The Black Mamba is quite fast at 2000w with a top speed of 38 mph and with the thunderbolt motor has powerful acceleration from beginning to end.


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