GigaByte Scooter
v2.0 28mph
35 lbs Lighter


Gigabyke ZOOM Scooter Option *



Here we have modified a V2.0 Scooter with only an 8 Pound Lithium 48v 14Ah Battery. And have deregulated the Controller system for a

Maximum speed of 28mph. Our Litium Batteries use the latest and highest quality, LG, SONY,SAMSUNG cells and are each tested for maximum performance.

They have a higher discharge rating of C5-C7  the highest currenlty for 18650 cell types

The scooter is 35 lbs lighter than the orginal but you can still exchange batteries and plug in the lead battery that came with the bike.

Bike has 9 colors to choose from with a few accessories. they will be added to the website soon.