Hybrid HT Kit
"Cruiser" Seating Position
on any Hardtail of your choice


TGB Bike Model *


If you want a hardtail mountain bike but want the upright seating position of a cruiser, now you can have the best of both worlds with the TGB Hybrid HT (Hard Tail)

We Have Installed a 4″ riser handlebar along with a 2-3″ adjustable stem raising the seating position to almost a “Cruiser” Seating position.

You Can Choose the Hybrid HT Option with any of our Hardtail – Fat Bike – XC Full Suspension Bikes Including:

Black Mamba – Ghost Rider – Ghost Rider II – Red Fox – HPC HT  –  Kraken – Bigfoot – Boss – Vortex – Titan -Thunder – XC – XC AWD –   Recon – Trailblazer – Xplorer – Urban Commuter

Just about any bike!

Pictured is the Black Mamba Hybrid HT

Just Select the Hybrid HT Option along with any Top Gun Bikes Model in your shopping cart and select which model you would like the  Hybrid HT Option added to.

Kit Includes:  4″ Rise Black Alloy Handebar, Hi Grade Adjustable Handle Bar Stem, Spacers, brackets,fastener bolts, extended cables & casings


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