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We constantly innovate to provide our customers with the best selection of electric systems to fit their lifestlye and needs. We saw great potential in the 8fun mid drive system and went about trying to make this the best mid drive solution available! We have tested these on 3,000 + foot elevation climbs and they perform beautifully. If you have hills to conquer or want a nice integrated conversion that you can control the torque and speed then this is the system for you! The main differences of our system vs a standard BBS02 750W Motor from another retailler is: 26A 9 FET controller that we get custom from the factory.  Most retailers will have anywhere from 21A-25A depending on where you source it. Our kits come standard with a custom 6061 Aluminum Adapter that allows for our included 32-38T sprocket vs the standard 46 or 48T.  Compared to stock, the narrow wide chainring provides more consistant chain retention and allows the motor to be geared down for higher torque and efficiency. Finally, last but not least is our programming.  We have full access to every parameter of these motors and provide custom profiles on our 1200W+ systems in PAS 1, 2, 3 to allow them to be EU legal in PAS1, 500W legal in PAS 2 and US legal with 750W maximum output in PAS 3. We also optimize on throttle and Pedal Assist response to be more benign on chains and sprockets so you are less likely to damage gears with a smoother engagement.  We offer 7 levels of pedal assist and a Throttle only mode as well.  Full throttle over-ride is available in all PAS modes except 0. 


SPECIAL NOTE: All 36V motors will have the same “500W” stamp on the bottom as other 8Fun Mid Drive Motors.  All 48V+ motors will have the “750W” stamp on the bottom.  We feel these numbers are very misleading and by no means is any 750W BBS02 fully street legal as even the least powerful versions we have tested from other vendors still put out over 1000W. It is a game that the manufacturer plays to try to be “legal” in certain countries when in fact they are not! This is why we always provide actual system outputs both electrically and mechanically with output to the rear tire where it matters! Don’t be mislead into thinking our 1400W kit is almost twice as powerful as another 750W BBS02- It is not.  It is anywhere from 50-250W higher on average for the same battery for “750W” stamped motors.  Compared to a true 25A output controller (stamped 48V x 25A), we see on average about 50-60W higher power output. In rare cases, we have seen over spec 25A controllers from other vendors that have even slightly exceeded our 26A controllers.

These units come with the following changes: 1) custom programming (these offer 5 speed of pedal assist, a throttle only mode, and ability to use the full power throttle in any pedal assist mode) 2.) A higher power output than the standard 8fun systems 3) Extended Speed Sensor Cable 4) Custom Anodized Aluminum Spider with high quality single speed anodized crank + custom mounting hardware. We have added approximately 25% more torque than the stock system, made the system run cooler/more efficient and minimized chain problems.

We have tested these units with our dynojet dynamometer in our shop and the results were very positive! Please Look at the last picture for actual dyno of this system on one of our bikes.
HPC Mid Drive System (BBS02)

  • Custom Single Speed 38T sprocket for nearly 25% more torque and higher efficiency (Red or Blue)
  • Throttle Only Mode
  • 7 Levels of Pedal Assist with Throttle override in every level of PAS
  • Helical gears for quiet, smooth operation
  • Internal Controller (sealed, very water resistant)
  • Waterproof Connectors
  • Fits standard 68mm or 73mm bottom brackets
  • Upgraded C961 LCD screen (Shows relative battery level, assist level, speed, distance)
  • Plug and Play (Note: you will need a matching battery connector) 
  • Weight: 8.9 Pounds

What’s Included?

  1. HPC 10ah NMC Battery System
  2. 2a Charger
  3. Choise of Battery Bag System (we recommend our exclusive frame bags)
  4. HPC Mid Drive System
  5. C961 LCD Screen w/ Power Button and assist level selector
  6. L+R Crank Arms
  7. HPC Custom Crank Setup (Red or Blue)
  8. L + R Brake levers w/ cutoff for more torque!
  9. Thumb Throttle (can mount on left or right side)
  10. Wiring Harness
  11. Mounting Hardware


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