3000w Trike


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The “Blue Streak”  Trike is one of the most fully loaded and custom pieces we have ever built. This trike sits low to the ground with custom made stabilizer bars mounted off the rear frame allowing the rider to take high speed turns without the fear of tipping the trike over.

A 3000w High Speed Power System on a 24″ size rear rim makes it feel like it a 5000w system.  Upgrade vented 4000w motor already installed


Also installed is a Steering Dampner to elimate steering wobble.

The Trike also is a 24 speed pedaling bicycle.

The  Tri-braking system consists of the 2 front brakes connected to the left brake lever in tandom while the rear 180mm Hydraulic disc brake is connected to the right brake lever. This Trike Stops faster than it accelerates.

Other options include Headlight totaling 4000 lumens of light, rear tail light,rear side mirror, cycle analyst computer, Stalker street tires with upgraded puncture proof tubes,

here is a video of the trike racing other power levels




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