Rear HUB & Range
2000w - 3000w


**Speed and Range estimates are a maximum figure based on FLAT ground, no pedaling, 170 lb. rider, Thunderbolt motor and 12.5Ah battery. Range tested @ 18mph**


2000w – Top Speed 34mph (Thunderbolt Motor)

3000w – Top Speed 40 mph (Thunderbolt Motor)

Battery Options: 10Ah (standard), 12.5Ah- Most popular, 70% choose this option, offers 25% more range than standard. 13Ah- highest performing lightweight battery, offers 30% more range over standard.

Charger Options: 2A- Charges is about 5-6 hours (standard). 4A- optional upgrade, charges in 3 hours, 70% choose this option. 6A- charges is 2 hours.

HPC SunCapture Solar Panels- Charge your bike directly from the Sun! No outlet needed! Highest quality, 24% efficient folding portable solar panels. Higher Watts equals faster charge time. Divdie Wh of battery by Watts of solar panel for charge time. Example: 37V (462Wh) / 300W =1.54 hours.

Battery Bag/Rack System: Choose the frame bag for best all around performance and handling, or rear rack if you prefer the look aesthetically. Frame bag is highly recommended.

E-Bike Diagnostic LCD Computer: Cycle Analyst v2.3 to give you speed, battery level, distance traveled, efficiency, speed limiting capabilities, amp limiting capabilities, and a whole lot more! This is a must have option in order to ride your high power bicycle legally on the street!

Lighting System: Our ultra high end custm LED lighitng system available in 2000 Lumens (very bright) or 3500 Lumens (insanely bright)!

BIKES OVER 750W ARE MADE FOR OFFROAD USE ONLY! Please adhere to your local laws/regulations pertaining to electric bikes. In most cases, your bike can be made to comply with Federal on road limits of 750W/20 mph when used in conjunction with the optional cycle computer.

Additional information

Weight 25.8548 lbs
Power Package


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HPC Suncapture Folding Charging System

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E-bike Diagnostic LCD Computer


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