Revolution X 6.0 6000w Off Road Bike BIKE OF THE YEAR

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The Revolution X is our flagship model and takes the Revolution to the pinnacle of performance. Suspension and Braking are out of this world! The Revolution X comes standard with 203mm travel Rockshox Boxxer World Cup Fork which is widely regarded as the best DH fork money can buy. The standard Vivid R2C Air shock provides over 9″ of frame travel! Together, these suspension upgrades not only perform bettery than the standard suspension, but save nearly 2 lbs of weight as well! The highly regarded Schlumpf High Speed Drive that allows for a 85T equivalent front chainring and pedaling beyond 50 mph with the click of your heel. Possibly the most jaw dropping performance item of the Revolution X is the standard Magura MT7 quad piston performance brakes. They literally blew away the competetion in terms of braking performance during initial testing to see which brakes would power our mighty Revolution X. The sheer braking performance is truly astounding.

The Revolution X also offers up unheard of power levels with 5,000W as standard with an option for a staggering 6,000W machine capable of up to 60 mph. These Revolution X units are not for the faint of heart and offer extreme performance in nearly all conditions.

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